Travel Risk Management
Crisis Management
Open Source Intelligence
Following years of open source collection, research and monitoring Tony has designed, built and training a number of open source intelligence solutions and teams to provide operational intelligence, due diligence and information verification for internal and external stakeholders.
Content Marketing
Social Media
Security Operations Management


Tony has generated significant value to clients and companies by enabling business growth, maximising variance on return for assets, expanding market share and cost efficiencies.

Hundreds of companies and departments have benefited from the direction and input provided by Tony.

Business leaders and managers have been empowered to make informed decisions when developing or implementing strategy or responding to tactile issues, small and large. Those that have benefited from Tony’s influence and solutions enjoy greater business resilience for the environments in which they operation and profit from dynamic business decision-making.

Tony remains highly sought by clients for value solution development, business enhancement sessions and is regularly featured as a speaker in technical and industry conferences along with media engagement and contributor. Innovation remains a distinguishing factor for Tony and his high value benefit to organizations.






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travel risk management


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